2006: Zines Read


No record kept.


No record kept.


Craig Thompson. Good-Bye, Chunky Rice. Marietta, GA: Top Shelf, 2005 (1999).
Jason. The Left Bank Gang. Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2005.


Al Burian. Natural Disasters #s 1 & 2. Xeroxed, 2001 & 2002.
Karen Switzer. Kerbloom! # 34. Berkeley, CA: Hand-printed, 2002.
Al Burian. Burn Collector #s 11 & 12. Atlanta, GA: stickfigure, 2000 & 2001.
Marc Parker. Lazybones (formerly known as Kimosabe) #3. Portland, OR: Xeroxed, 2004.
Karen Switzer. Kerbloom! #s 13, 14, 18, 19, 21 & 26. Various locations: Hand-printed, 1998-2000.
Al Burian. Burn Collector #13. Atlanta, GA: stickfigure, undated.
Dave Roche. On Subbing: The First Four Years. Portland, OR: Microcosm, 2005 (2001-2004).
Sarah Contrary. Glossolalia #8. Portland, OR: Xeroxed, 2006.
Alex Wrekk. Brainscan #20. Portland, OR: Xeroxed, 2003.
Not My Small Diary 9.0. Xeroxed, 2001.
Caitlin. I Was a Teenage Mormon. St Petersburg Beach, FL: Xeroxed, undated.
Zack Sternwalker. Please Let Me Help. Xeroxed, undated (2004).
Al Burian. things are meaning less. Portland, OR: Microcosm Publishing, 2003 (1997-8).
Alec Longstreeth, Frunch (Michael Cardiff), and Gabe Carleton-Barnes. The Dvorak Zine. Xeroxed, undated.
You Can’t Blow Up a Social Relationship: The Anarchist Case Against Terrorism. Tucson, AZ: See Sharp Press, 1998 (1979).
Craig Thompson. Blankets. Marietta, GA: Top Shelf Productions, 2005 (2003-5).

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